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Super Six Heroes

booksSix Magical Characters

A unique series of six children’s stories and user's guide about six magical characters who come from the Land of Light to help your child make good choices when faced with a difficult situation based on their day to day play. The series supports parents, grandparents and caregivers to facilitate a simple process to help children to reflect and learn from their actions rather than you telling the child what to do.

Sold in a set of six books.

buynowPrice: $95 incl GST



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Emotions Kit


Puppets with Heart Bag

Contains the 6 basic emotions true of all cultures of the world in finger puppet form, They can be used to help very young children recognise and name each emotion, This provides an important foundation.


heartbag To develop emotional intelligence. LINK TO CARROLL IZZARD Differential Emotional Theory
This product is made by Fair Trade Women in Nepal from New Zealand naturally dyed felted wool.






Price $ 49 Incl GST 



Children's Communications

communicatiostyleEngage with your child

Knowing about the communication style of your child will provide you with guidance as to their key characteristics, communication approach, learning process, how to engage with the child and sooth emotionally and general tips as to bridge the communications gap.

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Children's Magnets

set 6 magnets Magnet Reminders

A set of magnets to remind you of the three steps to support children to learn from their actions and the six steps to help your child reflect upon their actions and learn to make better choices.

Individual magnets of each character enable you to take one step at a time, to learn one then the next until you are familiar with the sequence of steps. The characters will remind you to follow each step systematically when facilitating a child to reflect on their actions.

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