Dr Arini Beaumaris

Dr Arini Beaumaris is an internationally recognised educational leader and consultant. She developed the groundbreaking and life-changing Arini Method to help children understand how to make wise choices from an early age.

Designed to encourage ethical behaviour in young children, The Arini Method is the result of research and experience. The ideas were most successfully tested when she was Principal of an international secondary school in Canada, with an outcome of 64% of her students placed on the British Columbian Government's Honours Roll.

Career Highlights

During her career Dr Beaumaris has had the following acheivements.

  • PhD in Education: "From Moral Judgement to Moral Education: Implications for education"
  • 14 Months General Manager Sunkids (Commercial early childhood education) Australia
  • 5 Month developing home-based curriculum kits for international company for early childhood.
  • 1 year Director International Pre-school in Prague
  • 3 Years as Principal of an International Secondary School Vancouver Island, Canada 64 % of students ended up on the British Columbian Honours roll.
  • 20 years in Technical and Further Education 5 of these as College Director (Involved with childcare industry and curriculum development)
  • Trained in Human Dynamics in the Netherlands
  • Worked as Consultant in Human Dynamics in USA
  • 2 years clinical application of High Capacity Communications Australia