The Arini Method

Discover Your Children’s Instruction Manual

The questions on everyone's mind - how do I raise children to be:

  • Happy, healthy and wise
  • Emotionally resilient
  • Effective learners
  • Socially well adjusted
  • Able to live a fulfilling life ?

Just loving and caring for your children is not enough to get them through the challenges and pitfalls of life. It seems that educators blame the parents , who in turn blame the teachers. In the end the children are the ones who suffer.

There is hope!

The Arini Method has discovered that all children have a hidden built-in instruction manual that is easy to find. It is written in their faces, their hand gestures, their posture and the speed and tone of their voice. The Arini Method provides answers to the age old questions. Who are my children? How do they work? How do I relate to them? How do I motivate and bring out the best in them?

As parents and teachers, we can decode how each child thinks and feels and better assist them to:

  • make wise choices
  • act ethically
  • develop sound character
  • succeed academically and
  • live a fulfilling life

The Arini Method is easily learned. By following simple instructions and guidelines we will take you on a journey to understand your child. Once you apply the 'A Method' you will find raising children becomes a joyful and easy experience.